Tile Paint Colours

When choosing tile paint colours, it is essential you choose a colour that complements the rest of your design scheme. In this blog, we will discuss how different colours can impact the look of your home while also including some picture ideas.
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Tile Paint Colours

When choosing tile paint colours, it is essential you choose a colour that complements the rest of your design scheme. In this blog, we will discuss how different colours can impact the look of your home while also including some picture ideas. Colour can make or break a room, so here are a few tips on how to choose your tile paint colour:

Consider the Effects

Small, dark coloured tiles such as black and dark grey often make a room look smaller whereas large whereas light coloured tiles such as white or cream can make a room look and feel bigger.

Consider the colour of your kitchen and bathroom worktops, furniture and decor. For example, if your worktops are light grey, consider going for a darker colour to paint your tiles so the main features don’t get washed out. However, if you have darker worktops like dark grey/black, consider a lighter colour tile paint to open up the room.

Create an Airy Bathroom

Light coloured tiles are recommended for smaller bathrooms as they reflect the light more than darker colours which will create a spacious feel. In addition, using the same colour wall tiles as the floor can create an airy, open feeling.

Cool Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen is the heart of the home so creating a homely feeling is essential. Tile colour selection is very important to consider the colour of kitchen units and surroundings.

Colours such as white, cream, and light brown can create a warm feeling whereas blue and green will make a room feel cool. A red and orange colour choice can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Grey Tile Paint

Grey is a fantastic way to keep things neutral in your home while also adding a bit of edge to the room. Light/soft grey tiles will open up the room, making it more comfortable and spacious. Dark grey tiles can create warm elements while keeping it versatile, make a very soothing and calm atmosphere. To balance out the tones, try mixing in dark wood elements like flooring or furniture to warm things up. Alternatively, try white worktops and furniture for a more modern look.

Benefits of Grey Tile Paint

  • Grey is the new ‘in’ colour which is edgy and contemporary while creating a classic and timeless look. Bold grey tones can add a dramatic look to your kitchen or bathroom while soft grey tones create an airy and spacious feel.
  • Grey is the perfect colour to match any style or look you want to achieve. You can match grey with white and create a modern look, or match with blues and khaki’s to create a chic look, the possibilities are endless.
  • It helps flatter the room’s decor. Grey has amazing, natural undertones which with the right colour, can make the room feel comfortable, spacious but also calming. Whether you desire bold decor or simple decor, grey is always guaranteed to flatter.

Top Brands For Grey Tile Paint


GoodHome Tile Paint is sold exclusively at B&Q and is one of the grey tile paint brands. It comes in a range of different shades such as Bronx which is a stunning light grey and Sedona, a dark matt grey. GoodHome’s range of grey colour choices makes it easy to match your desired colour to your desired style. GoodHome tile paint also has many benefits as it is both mould and water-resistant and only requires one coat. This makes GoodHome a perfect brand to choose from while painting around sinks, baths and showers.


V33 paint features aqua resist technology and creates a durable waterproof barrier which creates waterproof barrier that protects from condensation and repeated water splashing. This makes V33 paint perfect for painting around kitchen and bathroom sinks. V33 paint is only made in white or grey and offers a satin finish.


This paint can be applied to a huge range of surfaces including wood, metal, plastic, tiles and rust. Rust-Oleum is often known as the dark horse in the tile paint industry as many are surprised by what it can offer. This paint has a strong oil-based formula, giving it the advantage of being touch dry in just 1 hour. This tile paint is so durable, it’s one of few which is suitable for floor tiles, making it an all-round favourite.

Modern Bathroom with Grey Tiles
Grey Tiles
Dark Grey Bathroom Design

White Tile Paint

Bright white tiles are a classic, modern bathroom and kitchen look. White is definitely one of the favourite tile paint colours and though it may be simple, the result can be very effective and sophisticated. You can make your bathroom and kitchen to fit your style by adding different colours to change the look. Try adding soft neutrals or light/dark wood accents if all white is too much for you. If your style is bolder, try adding bright accents or accessories in yellow, blue or green.

Benefits of White Tile Paint

  • This paint helps lighten up a room while offering an illusion of space, giving your space a fresh, clean look. White diffuses light which makes the space look brighter whereas dark colours often do the opposite.
  • White allows you to bring in colour elsewhere to create your desired style. For example, bathroom paintings or kitchen decor can be a range of colours to fit your home and change with the season.
  • A white room can add dimension by using one shade of white in multiple finishes. For example, matt on the door and gloss on the walls.

Top Brands

Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint

This tile paint in Brilliant White is a perfect choice to transform your kitchen and bathroom in just one coat while offering a durable, long-lasting finish. Ronseal tile paint is waterproof and mould resistant, making it perfect for painting around sinks, bathrooms and showers. It is suitable for both bare and previously painted tiles and is touch dry in just 1 hour.


Dulux Tile Paint is 10 times tougher and shower resistant than their conventional water-based satin paints. This tile paint offers many benefits including quick drying and self-undercoating, so a primer is not required. Dulux offers a stunning gloss/high gloss finish, making your home stand out.


Rust-Oleum Universal Tile Paint is perfect for all surfaces including wood, metal, plastic, tiles and rust. This paint comes in a range of finishes such as gloss, matte and satin and has an oil-based formula. This paint has the advantage of being touch dry in just 1 hour and is also durable, making it suitable for floor tiles.

Kitchen with White Tiles
Modern White Tile Bathroom

Black Tile Paint

Black is one of those tile paint colours which when done right, it can create a spectacular look. Using black in your kitchen and bathroom can be a fantastic way to give your room an infusion of style or a colour palette that needs a pick me up. Black detail will instantly stand out in any room when used the right way and paired with the best colours. Watermarks don’t show up as easily, making it perfect for around showers, baths and sinks. Black is known to make a room look small and gloomy, but when used sparingly, it works amazingly to highlight aspects of any space.

Benefits of Black Tile Paint

  • Black is so easy to match with any colour palette. For example, you can create an edgy and contemporary look by pairing it with grey or white. If you are looking for more range of colours, black can pair perfectly with green or pink to create a more stylish look in your home.
  • A black room adds drama and depth and can create a very visual statement piece. Dark interior colours can also draw your attention to any lighter spots or decor and instantly adds depth to these.
  • Gold metal accents with black paint can make any room look stylish and contemporary which you may not notice in a neutral room. For example, a gold mirror, taps or handles can lift up the room, making it more upbeat and in trend.

Top Brands

The One Paint

The One Paint in black is the perfect option for both experienced and in-experienced decorators for most tile paint colours. This paint saves you both time and money by already including a primer/undercoat in the paint. You can apply this paint to almost any surface including tiles, brick, masonry, metal, plastic, UPVC, wood and more. This paint is both water-based and non-toxic, making it perfect to apply around showers, sinks and baths.

Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint

Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint is perfect for tired looking tiles. In just one coat, it transforms and protects bathroom and kitchen tiles while offering a durable, long-lasting finish. Ronseal offer this colour in 2 different finish types; high gloss and satin. This paint has the benefit of being touch dry in just 1 hour, making the time to paint your room significantly less.

Wilko Tile Paint

Wilko One Coat Tile Paint has been specially developed to dive a tough high gloss finish to interior ceramic glazed wall tiles. As a result, it does not require a primer as it can achieve full coverage with one coat. This paint is moisture resistant so it is brilliant for around showers, sinks and baths.

Bathroom Design with Black Chevron Tiles
Modern Kitchen with Black Gloss Tiles
Black Tile Bathroom Design

Blue Tile Paint

You can use a huge range of blue tile paint shades to create a relaxing, tranquil feel in your kitchen or bathroom. You can’t help but feel relaxed around light blue both as the main or accent colour. As blue has strong links to water, it is ideal for bathrooms to create a spa-like atmosphere. Light blue pairs perfectly with white to create a sunny, calming aura. On the other end, dark blue can create a charming and impactful feel which really makes a statement. Dark blue can be paired with white to make the room feel lighter and airy, or light grey to make it more contemporary.

Benefits of Blue Tile Paint

  • Blue instils peace and tranquillity which helps to reduce anxiety. Soaking in a blue styled bathroom or eating your favourite dinner surrounded by light blue tiles after a long day can benefit you and your family in many ways.
  •  Light blues reflect light which creates a feeling of space and making a room feel larger than it is. Light blue is the perfect colour to use in smaller spaces like bathrooms.
  • Blue can be paired with a number of different colours, making it easy to style your home to match your style. Both dark blue and light blue match with white perfectly while also matching other colours palettes separately.

Top Brands

Dulux Tile Paint

Dulux offers two fabulous blue tile paint colours. This tile paint in the shade ‘Jade White‘ is the perfect light blue shade. Although the name may be deceiving, this paint comes out and dries to a light eggshell blue instead of ‘white’. This paint is 10 times tougher and 10 times more shower resistant than Dulux’s other water-based paints. Another benefit of this paint is that it is self-undercoating and quick drying. Dulux paint in the shade ‘Distant Shores‘ is a fantastic option for a mid-range blue. It is the perfect match with white accents and decor, for a palette inspired by the sea.


This paint in the shade ‘Cobalt Blue‘ is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a shade that is mid-dark blue. Rust-Oleum paint can be applied to almost any surface including tiles, wood, metal, plastic and rust. It has many benefits including a durable formula for interior and exterior use and a quick dry time.

Modern Kitchen with Dark Blue Painted Tiles
Modern Blue Bathroom Design
Shabby Chic Kitchen with Blue Tile Paint

Red Tile Paint

There are an uncountable amount of tile paint colours so why not go for something which will make you stand out from the crowd! By using red tile paint, you can create a unique decor scheme that is full of heat. Red is the colour of appetite and therefore a red kitchen is very beneficial as it is the perfect colour to match with white decors like appliances and cupboards. If full red tiles are too much for you, try using a mix of red and white to brighten up the room.

Benefits of Red Tile Paint

  • Red can be used both as an accent colour to warm up a ‘cool’ space or create a dramatic impression if painting/tiling a full room. It is a very flexible colour that can be used to fit almost any style and theme.
  • This colour can be paired with multiple different colours. For example, when matched with soft grey it can create a cosy and feminine feeling. When matched with earth tones it can create a warm and natural feeling.

Top Brands

Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint

Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint in the shade ‘Red Rose‘ is a stunning option of red when going for a bold look. This paint can transform any room with just one coat while offering a durable, high gloss finish. There are many benefits of this paint including being touch dry in just 1 hour which can reduce your project time significantly.

The One Paint

The One Paint is the perfect solution for non-experienced painters, experienced paints and builders. This paints formula includes a primer/undercoat so project time is significantly reduced. You can apply this paint to almost any surface including tiles, brick, masonry, metal, plastic, UPVC, wood and more. There are many more benefits to this paint including that it is water-based and non-toxic making it suitable for around showers, sinks and baths.


Wilko Brick and Tile Paint have been specifically designed and developed to give a decorative matte or gloss red finish to the interior or exterior materials. This paint is suitable for many surfaces including tiles, bricks and masonry. This paint is perfect for both interior and exterior use as it is protected in all weather.


Traditional Red Bathroom Design
Modern Red Kitchen Tile Design
Red Bathroom Tiles

Yellow Tile Paint

Having a kitchen or bathroom which is based on a yellow colour palette will automatically give a warm and positive feel to the home. Bathrooms often don’t have windows so yellow tiles can act as a window, brightening up the whole room. Golden yellow tiles add a special charm and luxury which is suitable for both modern and classic interiors. Natural shades of yellow will increase the space of the room and create an eco-like style.

Benefits of Yellow Tile Paint

  • Yellow tile paint colours can partner with a huge range of coloured decor and accessories. The combination of yellow, orange and green reminds of the spring colours and automatically lifts the atmosphere.
  • This colour can make any room and home look unique which adds completeness to interior decor.
  • Yellow can soften the look of darker colours such as dark blue, black and brown. This then lifts up the room and can even highlight these darker colours if used the right way too.

Top Brands


Rust-oleum Universal Paint in the shade ‘Canary Yellow‘ is the perfect shade of yellow to lift up a room or pair with another colour to transform your room. Rust-Oleum paint is both a paint and primer in one so there is no need to undercoat, reducing the project time. This paint has many benefits including being able to be applied to many surfaces including tiles, wood, metal, plastic and more.

Triangle Yellow Kitchen Tiles
Modern Bathroom Design in Yellow

Pink Tile Paint

Different shades of pink tile paint colours have surged in popularity over the past year due to the amount of freedom you have with the colour. Pink tiles in a bathroom is a fabulous way of bringing an earthy, pink pigment into the room in both large and small areas. If all pink isn’t your thing or you just want a nod at the trend, try a pink tiled splash-back next to the sink or bath, or even the shower.

Benefits of Pink Tile Paint

  • This colour can match with a range of different palettes. If you don’t fancy your whole space in pink, adding white accents will make the room look more spacious and sophisticated.
  • Pink is known to be the most flattering and calming colour. Depending on the space, pink can be used to energise or soothe which benefits everyone in the home.

Top Brands of Pink Tile Paint


Ronseal One Coat in the colour ‘Pink Fusion‘ is the perfect pink to transform your bathroom and kitchen in just one coat. This tile paint is water and mould resistant making it a fantastic choice for around sinks, bathrooms and baths. It is highly durable and easy to clean which is great when running after the kids!

Pink Kitchen Tiles
Baby Pink Bathroom Design
Modern Kitchen Design with Painted Pink Chevron Tiles

Green Tile Paint

Green is one of the most popular tile paint colours in the world and can be used to bring your home vision to life. It promotes feelings of freshness and energy which is essential in the home. Green can be used with a huge variety of different palettes including white, yellow and black. Light green and black can bring a contemporary and edgy feel to home whereas dark green with white accents can give a modern feel.

Benefits of Green Tile Paint

  • Green is the colour of rejuvenation and would therefore be perfect in a bathroom setting. It is perfect for both modern and classic bathrooms as it adds a feeling of relaxation.
  • You can create a wide range of finished looks by using green. From deep green and dramatic to shiny green tiles, it can make a room feel utterly chic.
  • There are so many different colour combos that you can create including the colour green. Green, back and white would create a classy and timeless look whereas green, pink and yellow would create more of a stylish feel.

Top Brands of Green Tile Paint


This rust-oleum tile paint comes in a stunning Emerald Green shade which is perfect to create a stunning, timeless look in your kitchen and bathroom. This paint comes with many benefits including the ability to be applied to a number of different surfaces including wood, metal, tiles, plastic and rust. It is a paint and primer in one which cuts out the time for an undercoat. The formula has been created to be durable in all weather conditions making it suitable for both interior and exterior use.


This brand offers green in 2 different options of tile paint colours; Mellow Green (Satin) and Lime Green (High Gloss). Mellow green creates a cool and open feel to a room whereas Lime Green creates a fresh and clean feel. This paint can transform any room using just one coat and is highly durable. It is mould and water-resistant making it the perfect brand to be applied near sinks, baths and showers.

The One Paint

The One Paint is the perfect formula for beginners and experts. The formula is created with an undercoat included so the time needed to complete your project is reduced. This paint has many benefits including the ability to be applied to almost any surface including brick, masonry, metal, plastic and more.

Green Kitchen Tiles
Green Tiled Walk in Shower
Traditional Bathroom with Green Tiles

Orange Tile Paint

This paint creates a warm and welcoming tone to a room and the decorating possibilities are endless. Orange tile paint can be paired with multiple different colour palettes to match your style. For example, you could create a warm, sunset feeling by matching with red and yellow or create an earthy feel with greens. Orange is a perfect colour for a kitchen in a cooler climate as it can add warmth while also creating a timeless look. With the right complementary colours, orange is the perfect colour for decorating bathroom tiles. It can transform a plain space into an eye-catching one.

Benefits of Orange Tile Paint

  • Painting tiles orange in a room or just a small area can bring feelings of happiness and increase social interactions. It is a very strong and bold colour so it can be extremely attention-grabbing.
  • Orange can brighten up small spaces such as bathrooms where light is very limited. This can make a room look larger and more spacious.
  • This colour can be matched with multiple different colour palettes such as white, yellow and black which can create a stylish but elegant look in your kitchen or bathroom.

Top Brands for Orange Tile Paint


Rust-Oleum Universal Tile Paint is one of the best brands for tile paint colours and their shade ‘Sunset Orange’ is the most perfect colour to warm up and bring vibrance to your kitchen and bathroom. Rust-Oleum has many benefits including the ability to be applied to a number of different surfaces including wood, metal and plastic. It is touch dry in just 1 hour and includes a primer, making your project time a lot shorter.


Square Orange Tile Feature Wall in Kitchen
Bathroom Shower with Orange Tiles
Modern Kitchen with Orange Splash Tiles

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