Grey Tile Paint

Grey Tile Paint

Grey tile paint is a great way to modernise and improve your kitchen or bathroom with a sleek and professional finish. Tile paint is highly durable, easy to apply, very easy to clean and is suitable for both bare tiles, or ones that have already been painted. To dramatically cut the cost of re-tiling, painting tiles grey is a great option and introduces a breath of fresh air into old-looking tiles.

Grey Tile Paint Uses

You can use grey tile paint on any tiles, specifically Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, and Floor Tiles.

Best Brands

GoodHome Tile Paint

GoodHome Tile Paint, sold exclusively at B&Q is one of the top grey tile paint colours. It comes in a range of different shades of grey to match light and dark applications, as well as being able to easily match different wall colours to create a combination of styles in your kitchen or bathroom. GoodHome paint has many benefits; primarily that it usually only requires one coat and is both waterproof and mould resistant making it perfect for use in bathrooms, especially around baths, sinks and showers.

V33 Tile Paint

V33 paint has been specifically designed to renovate tiled or panelled walls and is only made in grey or white colour. This paint is perfect around water as it features an aqua resist technology which creates a durable waterproof barrier that protects from condensation and repeated water splashing, making it perfect around kitchen or bathroom sinks. Unlike the GoodHome tile paint, V33 fashions a satin finish, rather than a grey gloss finish.

Rust-Oleum Tile Paint

As a bit of a dark horse in the tile paint industry, you may be surprised by the Rust-Oleum range of tile paints. This paint can be applied to almost any surface; including but not limited to wood, metal, plastic, tiles and even directly over rust (hence the name). It’s able to do this due to it’s strong oil based formula, which also gives the advantage of being touch dry in 1 hour, and allows painting over in 4 hours (if needed). Additionally, as this tile paint is so durable, it’s one of few that works perfect for painting over floor tiles. We specifically like the rust-oleum tile paint grey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Most brands we promote are both waterproof as well as mould-resistant. This makes these paints perfect around areas that are likely to be exposed to condensation and water splashing; such as around sinks, baths and showers.

There are a range of shades available from a range of brands. 

GoodHome sell paint in 7 shades of grey.

V33 sell paint in 6 shades of grey.

As this colour is one of the most popular colours of paint, we are fortunate to have partnered with a range of brands such as:

  • GoodHome (B&Q)
  • V33
  • Wilko
  • Rust-Oleum
  • Johnstones
  • Ronseal
  • The ONE Paint

You can use grey tile paint anywhere! Most commonly, grey is used in bathrooms or kitchens as it works well with almost any colour. 

Read our blog on tile paint colours for more variations of grey, as well as our top 5 tile paint brands to find the best brand for grey to suit you.

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