Ronseal Tile Paint

Ronseal Tile Paint

Ronseal tile paint is a leader in tile paint, and is a perfect brand to use if you’re looking to modernise and improve the look of your tiles, with a professional finish, while saving costs without the need to completely retile. The Ronseal tile paint range has loads of benefits, most notably it is durable, easy to apply, easy to clean and is suitable for application on both bare and pre-painted tiles.

Ronseal Tile Paint Uses

You can use grey tile paint on any tiles, specifically Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, and Floor Tiles.


There are so many advantages to using Ronseal Tile Paint:

Firstly, it’s usage includes both kitchen tiles as well as bathroom tiles (Including porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles or even glass tiles) due to it’s waterproof and anti-mould properties, making it a great paint to use on tiles that are prone to condensation or being splashes with water. It should be noted, that this tile paint is not recommended for floor tiles.

The dry time is extremely quick, becoming touch dry in just 1 hour. Then, it is possible to paint over just 4 hours after (if required). This makes Ronseal paint a perfect choice if you’re trying to paint in one day.

No primer needed to paint over tiles with this paint, saving both time, energy and money. Due to the thick oil base, the paint adheres to any type of tile, whether it has been previously painted or not. This also means that the paint becomes very durable once completely dry, and so cleaning and scrubbing the tiles in future is less of a worry.

Ronseal tile paint comes in a range of colours, making it the perfect choice for a range of styles or looks. The paint is most common in grey, black and white, however, it is one of few tile paints that comes in more unique colours such as pink, red, yellow, green or brown (each to their own). The range of colours available allows decorators to get creative, being able to pair tiles and wall paint of different combinations to achieve the desired result.

Lastly, the paint leaves a satin finish with no brush marks on tiles, giving it a truly professional looking finish. If you want to cut costs and save time, you should seriously consider painting your tiles, rather than replacing them. Ronseal tile paint is an amazing choice for the task.

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